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In practice, I found the time element to be the biggest issue of the night. Maintaining polite and interesting conversation — oftentimes the same, repackaged conversation — with a new person every two minutes for three hours proved to be exhausting. Yet, despite my initial hesitations about speed dating and the monotony of some of the conversations, I did end up enjoying myself. In the handful of instances when conversation escaped the awkward boundaries of introduction, I found myself engaged, interested and attracted to the ladies I was speaking with.

Even though the speed dating event made it easier to interact, the daters still seemed too wary to take a leap. You have to meet them halfway. Dating implicitly means straying outside of your comfortable boundaries. But we are so preoccupied with abiding by social rules and maintaining proper public appearances that it becomes far too easy to simply not introduce ourselves to a beautiful stranger. It links to booking options, agent contact information, and guidance for choosing the best option for your travel situation. By booking travel through Connexxus, UC-negotiated prices with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are automatically applied.

Credit card numbers are not viewable by a travel arranger, but can still be used if the traveler has set one up in their profile. Individuals may not use University issued credit cards or direct billing arrangements to pay for personal travel. UCSC employees that utilize UC travel resources for personal travel must have their own personal credit card available to pay for all expenses.

Before making travel arrangements, be sure to set up a Connexxus traveler profile and review the benefits and exclusions below. To take advantage of the rates available through Connexxus for your personal travel plans, choose one of the booking options e. Discounted rates and benefits provided through Connexxus are extended to UC employees for booking personal travel and include:. Agency fees may apply for phone transactions. Click here for details. Q Are Connexxus rates better than those I can get from booking directly or shopping online?

Q What if my name in Connexxus appears different from how my name appears on my I. A complete accounting of expenses is required of every trip to ensure compliance with travel policies. The objective of an expense review is as follows:. The individual authorized to approve travel expenses is responsible for ensuring travel expenses are accounted for and fully compliant with UC and UCSC travel policies.


The following supporting documentation should be attached as applicable:. Bank Access Online system to better manage expenditures and speed up getting a reimbursement. Follow these steps to register to use Access Online:. You will receive an error message if you enter invalid information. After three unsuccessful attempts, you will be locked out from self-registering. If this happens, contact U. Bank Customer Service at to get your account unlocked. Bank will initiate the collection process. The Cardholder is responsible for promptly notifying U.

Bank of any address changes, lost, stolen, or damaged cards, suspected fraud, and any disputed transactions. This policy applies to this campus business process: Refer to the Travel Guides. For additional assistance, email travelhelp ucsc. This page location is: Financial Affairs Sign In. Travel Guide Page Content. The information in this guide is intended to help employees plan, book, and pay for travel that is necessary to complete official UCSC business.

Listed below are resources and policies to clarify what travel purchases can and cannot be reimbursed. View in Web Browser. Within and Outside Continental U. Refer to Ways to pay for more information. For trips involving more than two University business travelers, refer to Group Travel for more information. Supporting cost comparison is to be used on what UC would have paid, which can be obtained by a Connexxus-related agency or Standard Commercial Air Carrier prior to or at the time of booking the trip.

Will be based on the most economical mode of transportation and the most commonly traveled route consistent with the authorized purpose of the trip. Any exception must be approved by the Chancellor. Non-business travel expenses must be separately identified. Refer to the Entertainment Event Expense Guide for additional information. Receipt and documentation requirements for additional information. All forms referenced are available for download from the forms tab at the top of this guide: Complete a Travel Advance Request form.

Obtain approval on the Travel Advance Request form from appropriate supervisor or other designated official. Contact divisional business office for further information. A UCSC Trip Number will be provided as a reference for confirmation of travel itinerary, this number will also be used in reporting travel expenses when filling out a Post Travel Expense Report form. Trip numbers must be used for one trip and cannot be reused.

The UC Travel Center will book the reservation and provide electronic ticketing information and final itinerary via email. Print out a copy of the itinerary to bring to the airport.


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Printing instructions are provided with the email message. Aircraft Private Airfare costs Automobile usage Personal Baggage checking and storage fees Bridge tolls Business office expenses Lodging - Reimbursement for overnight lodging will be allowed only if the traveler is at least forty miles from headquarters or home, whichever is closer Meals and incidentals Parking Rail travel costs Registration fees for conferences, conventions or meetings of professional or learned societies Rental car Reservation cancellation fee Road tolls Special fees for foreign travel Taxi and public transportation fares Telephone calls Ticket replacement fee Other Travel Related Expenses The following business-related travel expenses are usually reimbursable: Baggage checking or storage fees necessary for the business purpose of a trip.

Business office expenses when normal purchasing processes cannot be followed: Including one reasonably brief, non-emergency, personal call home per day. There is a valid business reason. The traveler must promptly return any refundable deposits to the University Road and bridge tolls Special fees for foreign travel, including the following: The traveler should refer to IRS Form , Employee Business Expenses to obtain additional information on the calculation of actual vehicle operating costs.

The following expenses may be reimbursed when normal UCSC purchasing processes cannot be used: No exceptions may be made for the payment of expenses exceeding the limits specified below. An overnight stay must be substantiated with an original lodging receipt or an acceptable statement explaining why lodging was not obtained, such as when lodging with a friend or relative.

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A meal expense incurred in connection with a business meeting while on travel status may be reimbursable. An "overnight stay" involves obtaining substantial sleep or rest Napping or resting in a car does not constitute obtaining substantial sleep or rest. Actual costs paid for lodging taxes, which are not included in CONUS per diem rates, may be reimbursed as a miscellaneous expense. Travel is less than 30 days in one location: Travel is for 30 or more consecutive days in one location: Indefinite Travel — more than one year in one location: Travel expense reimbursements are treated as taxable income to the traveler and reimbursed through the payroll system.

Rail or bus travel: Rail or bus transportation may be used when required by the destination or by business necessity. When rail or bus travel is used in lieu of air travel only the lesser of rail fare or equivalent airfare cost to the same destination will be reimbursed. Special fees for foreign travel The following special fees and expenses related to foreign travel are generally reimbursable: Charges for re-ticketing, schedule changes, etc.

These types of travel-related expenses are not reimbursable: For stays of less than 30 days, lodging expenses in the continental U. Entertainment expenses incurred while on travel status, which are to be reported separately on the Entertainment Reporting Addendum and submitted along with a completed Post Travel Expense Form. Personal expenses will not be reimbursed.

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  • Include entertainment expenses in the "Miscellaneous explain " section on the Post Travel Expense to ensure that meals associated with travel are accounted for separately from meals associated with providing entertainment. Types of travelers for arranging and booking travel: Students, when traveler is NOT a UC employee Mixed Business and Personal Travel Travel that involves indirect travel or interruptions not the direct result of a University business purpose should be approved in advance.

    Reimbursement will not be made under any circumstance for additional or incremental expenses incurred as a result of indirect or interrupted travel for personal purposes. A supporting airfare cost comparison for the University business portion of the trip only must be provided showing what would have been paid based on the lower of the regular coach fare available for the location of travel from a standard commercial air carrier or the campus travel program fare. Conferences and Workshops - UCSC-Hosted The campus division hosting the event is responsible for determining the conference and workshop expenses that will be paid directly by UCSC and those expenses that will be paid by the conference or workshop attendee: Attendees from other UC campuses are expected to make their own travel arrangements.

    Meeting rooms and catering are arranged with the use of a UCSC purchase order. Use account code for meeting room rental expenses and for catering expenses.

    The following payment guidelines apply to UCSC-hosted conferences and workshops: For events charged to contract and grant funds: Participant Support Guidelines For events charged to non-contract and grant funds: Travel will be considered to have a University business purpose if the travel meets any of the following: Directly supports a faculty member's project or research program Is an integral part of the student's degree work, or is required for attendance at student-oriented meetings, student government events, University athletic events by student athletes, etc.

    Enables the student to attend a conference to present research findings for the University or to act in some other capacity on behalf of the University. Buyers should determine the maximum to be reimbursed and set up a separate line item for travel costs on the purchase order Reportable travel: Receipted travel costs are treated as reimbursements and are not subject to reporting Unsubstantiated expenses required receipts not included with billing are treated as income and hence are subject to reporting Refer to the UC Travel Reimbursement Policy G, p.

    How to Direct Bill: Conferences Check to see if your preferred vendor has a Payee Setup form on file with FAR so that payment can be made. If you are looking to register for a conference that is less than 30 days away, it is recommended that you pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement, or request a cash advance. Fill out a Travel Advance Request form and submit it ; indicating in section three your desired vendor and the amount to be paid. FAST will provide you with your trip number and the vendor will receive payment. Direct Billable Hotel Information. Completion and submission of a Travel Advance Request prior to the trip, with the names of the travelers in the group included.

    The Travel Advance Request is required only if a cash advance is requested or if UC is paying expenses on behalf of the travelers, i. Arrangement of reservations for the group using UC contracts for employee group travel. Submitting invoices and supporting documentation for payments to be made by UCSC on behalf of the group. Payment of any group expenses and retaining all required itemized receipts during the trip. Submission of a completed Post Travel Expense form and all required itemized receipts within 45 days of trip completion. Electronic receipts are acceptable provided that the detail contained in an electronic receipt is equivalent to the level of detail contained in an acceptable paper record.

    E-mailed or faxed documentation provided by an airline or travel agency for electronic ticketing expenses for airfare is acceptable for substantiating such expenses. Considerations for Booking Air Travel Connexxus To take advantage of UC-negotiated airfare discounts, Connexxus is the preferred choice when booking air travel. The UC Travel Center requires travel be booked at least 24 hours prior to departure.

    Other Air Travel Considerations Booking air travel 21 or more days in advance of a trip typically provides a cost savings to the University, and purchasing a ticket days in advance usually provides additional savings. Business, First-class, or Higher-cost Services The cost of business, first-class or other higher-cost services may be reimbursed under the circumstances listed below: Business or first-class is the only service offered between two points.

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    The use of coach class would be more expensive or time consuming, e. An itinerary involves overnight travel without an opportunity for normal rest before the commencement of working hours. The use of business or first-class travel is necessary to reasonably accommodate a disability or medical need. Airport Parking For travel exceeding 24 hours, lower-cost, longer-term parking options should be used. Discounted prices are only available to UCSC employee business travelers: The price comparisons should be performed at the time of booking. Expenses more than double the per-diem rate: Additional documentation and justification supporting the higher lodging rate should be provided.

    Reimbursement for overnight lodging will be allowed only if the traveler is at least forty miles from the headquarter location or home, whichever is closer. When reserving a hotel room through Connexxus , UC-negotiated prices are automatically applied. Refer to the Connexxus section for information on how to set up a profile for hotel room reservations for official University business.

    Only UC employees can reserve hotels under UC hotel contracts For inbound visitors, refer to Procurement Services website for information about UCSC discount pricing with local hotels and reservation details. Rates vary depending on duration of travel. Adjustments may be made for travel to multiple locations, partial days, or for subsistence or lodging provided without charge. Whitham, Siena Elizabeth Advisor s: Kasari, Connie et al. Abstract The social dynamics of adulthood present unique obstacles for individuals with autism spectrum disorders ASD.

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