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Country music power couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood married in , which was nearly 20 years after they first met, sang together, and subsequently started to fall in love. Before Brooks went on to become the second-best-selling act ever really and before Yearwood recorded the superior version of "How Do I Live," the two met and sang together in in a songwriter's attic recording studio to record a demo.

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He was referring to his first wife, Sandy Dahl. Yearwood, who was married to musician Chris Latham at the time, later told CMT that she and Brooks "hit it off" that day. Yearwood had just split from her second husband, and in , the couple started appearing in public together before marrying three years later.

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And it all started with a cheap gig in ' If you're not familiar with country music and don't watch reality TV, then you only know Blake Shelton as that celebrity who looks like a guy you went to high school with that for some reason is on the cover of every magazine at the grocery store. That's because Shelton is basically a Kardashian of country music if you consider the way he hooks up and breaks up with such drama and scandal. Before his high-profile relationship with fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefani , Shelton was married to fellow country music star Miranda Lambert, and the way they got together was straight out of a classic country song — both romantic and messy.

That was problematic, because Shelton was married at the time to his first wife, Kaynette Williams. In , just a few months after that steamy duet, Shelton filed for divorce.

He and Lambert got together soon thereafter. Grande was off and running with her career, but the relationship with Miller would still take a while to blossom.

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Three years later, after Grande's brief dalliance with Big Sean , and then a more-than-friendly performance of "The Way" at the Billboard Hot Fest, Miller and Grande were spotted in public engaging in the wholesome activities that young lovers enjoy, such as hitting the tattoo parlor and attending the MTV Video Music Awards. Finally, in September , Grande confirmed on television to America's best friend, Ellen DeGeneres, that she and Miller had a thing going on.

Oddly enough, around the same time that Ariana Grande was laying down the seeds of a future relationship with a musical partner, her future boyfriend, Big Sean, was doing the same thing. Aiko was finally romantically available in , right around when her divorce from producer Dot da Genius was finalized. That's about when she told Billboard that she and her old collaborator, Big Sean, had gotten together and, by the way, she was hopelessly in love.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill were both huge stars in their respective genres. Grant successfully jumped from a career in Christian pop to secular pop, churning out dentist office favorites such as "Baby, Baby.


Grant and Gill had met earlier, but they didn't spend any meaningful time together until recording the video for "House of Love. Gill was also interested-but-married as well.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood didn't miss the dance

He admitted that after "House of Love," he kept Grant in his thoughts "pretty much" all the time and wrote his hit "Whenever You Come Around" about her, which features the subtle lyric, "I lie awake at night wishing you were mine. They more often than not, dont.

So i maybe take a look at any artwork they have, say thanks, and bye! JeffD - Sep 1: Don't get me going on antique stores. I could do a whole blog on them. Andy Boden - Sep 2: On the rare occasions I do find something vaguely musical in an antique store it's usually a poorly constructed GSO guitar-shaped object with a real guitar price tag. I've found jams akin to attending support group meetings.

You're there for one reason and it ain't the coffee.

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You need to be surrounded by others who understand your affliction without judging it. They don't know or care or even ask if you live in town , in your truck , under a bridge or under a tree stump. On the other hand it really can feel a tad cold JeffD - Sep 9: I dunno about cold. To me a musical interaction feels like an interaction of any other kind - I mean, there is a kind of intimacy there, a kind of fellowship. The beauty of it is that you don't have to have something to say. It may say something about me, that I enjoy being with people I don't feel obligated to talk with - that we have a way to be with each other, and interact, without yammering.

We did have a case, years ago, of a fellow who showed up at our jams regularly, from somewhere more than 2 hours away, and it took us many many months to discover that he slept in his truck after the jam and went home the next morning. Nashville - Oct 8: And it all hit home for me. DataNick - Mar 2: Well said Sir, well said!

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