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What Happens When Online Dating Meets the Middle East

LAPD detective alleges colleague extorted her with 'revenge porn'. Missing Alabama teen faked his own kidnapping, death to avoid going to court: People may face legitimate danger when trying to interact with someone of the opposing group. Though some may have a slight humor to them, the real separation and danger facing two individuals wanting to connect in this region can be terrifying. It is fascinating to me to see the ways that modernization can clash or be influenced by a particular culture. Online dating is a specific phenomenon that has taken an impressive flight in popularity in the western world, and is now beginning to emerge in the Middle Eastern region.

I am curious to see the way that this type of technological relationship building develops in the Middle East as compared to with America or other western countries. I think that online dating in the Middle East can be seen as a positive thing. Although there can sometimes be violence and tension among different cultures, I think there might be a potential love which leads to potential understanding of one another and less conflict.

Different cultures may be open to dating outside of their norms and look past conflict.

What Happens When Online Dating Meets the Middle East

Like the person jokingly said, there was always Romeo and Juliet, which in a sense is true…love can conquer anything, including such a strong and lasting conflict. Online dating in the Middle East is something that would never have occurred to me. In all honesty, when I think of relationships in the Middle East, I think of traditional partnerships. Admitedly, I think this is just me having a stereotype in my head. While I do see how online dating in the Middle East can be seen as a danger, it is important to remember that online dating in the United States brings about the same safety issues.

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No matter where people are from, there is always the possibility of the other person having an ulterior intention. I have watched many of my friends use dating apps, and to me it seems like shopping, but dating style.

I think there can be so much more to a person than an app will ever be able to show. I wonder how serious people in the Middle East actually take sites such as these. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The 6 Annoying Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Women

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