Mass dating event

It was organised on Facebook, and more than 36, people signed up online. On the day, reports suggested many more men than women turned up.

A number of participants pleaded to the crowd to make their case. Others made tried to woo potential "Seoul mates" in more traditional ways. Some were clearly delighted at the idea of not spending Christmas alone. It was apparently not restricted to humans. This participant is wearing a sign that reads: In May, He Junke, a senior official with the CYLC Central Committee, said in a press conference that the CYLC is determined to solve the "marriage problem" and will help young people to develop a "correct attitude" toward love and marriage.

CYLC, a national youth movement run by the Communist Party of China, used to be a revolutionary organ, but now its role includes being a matchmaker.


Over 10, people looking for love showed up, but only 2, got the chance to meet others in the main venue. There is a large demand for partners among young people. As we now live in a highly mobile society and as young people are delaying their entry into society, this generation faces more problems in finding lovers than those from the previous generation," Wang Jun, an official with the Zhejiang CYLC, told the Global Times. While many welcome the CYLC's new role, some other questions whether it is intervening too much in people's private lives. Wang was frank about how desperate she is to find a partner.

And my social circle is small. I don't have too many opportunities to meet eligible bachelors," she said.

Mass speed dating event hit among singles looking for new friends, rather than true love

She managed to find a suitable fellow but the relationship didn't last because she was too busy with an internship. He revealed that the attendees mostly come from government organizations, State-owned companies and colleges. These people have guaranteed jobs for life, also known as the "iron rice bowl. Wang Jun said that policemen are particularly popular.

He told the Global Times that "in choosing a life partner, mendang hudui an ancient concept meaning marriage should be between families of equal economic and social status still works today. And the concept should be expanded to include equal educational background, job and some others. But they are not alone. There are agencies which provide similar services for unmarried people working at government and State-owned companies.

Yangwu Queqiao provides blind dating services for singles working in national ministries, the Beijing government and organizations directly under central government bodies.

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Some 62 percent of its 10, members are female, mostly aged between 28 and Its success rate is about 30 percent, reported the China Women's News. In a country with more men than women, ladies looking for a partner can afford to be picky and choose spouses that are better off than they are. This desire to trade up has generated the stereotype that "left-over" men are uneducated farmers and "left-over" women are educated urbanites.

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There is some evidence for this. While China is set to have 30 million "left-over" men over 35 by the , women dominate the urban blind dating scene.

Director of Yangwu Queqiao Zhang Yang told the China Women's News that one third of its members in their 30s have no dating experience. Wang Jun said that nowadays, young people spend a long time in school and are therefore trying to settle down later. They don't have friends and relatives to introduce them to potential partners.