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Randy Carlson, who at years-old has lived through both the old and new ways of dating, says searching for love online has changed things for the better. However, Katty of the terrible Tinder date thinks that something substantial is lost through modern methods of communication. Sure — a conversation can unfold online over months, but the very nature of a face-to-face encounter provides a chance to see a deeper side of someone because they have to respond in the moment, rather than carefully crafting a response via message. After all, memories last longer than mundane messages.

The Evolution of Dating: What’s Changed Then vs. Now?

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The gentleman caller

How did we lose the essence of love and romance along the way? You saw someone you may like, you thought there might be something there, you took a chance, you tried to get to know that person, really know them, it worked, you made it official, you met the parents, you got engaged, then married and you had babies. It was a simple story of boy meets girl and they fall in love.

How We Used To Love VS How We Love Now | Thought Catalog

You see someone you may like, you think there might be something there, you take a chance, you stop and wonder if you are ready for it, or if this means you have to stop talking to the multiple people you are currently talking to. What if you find someone more successful? You overanalyze, you scrutinize everything to where you forget why it all started.

Even though you were fighting, you still talked to each other; you made plans together, ate together, and were there for each other until you made up. You supported their decisions, you compromised, you showed that you cared; you tried to be compassionate, understanding, and loving.

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You accepted the person with their flaws, you saw the bigger picture, you saw the picture of a family—of a future spent with someone who will change and evolve; as you will, so you knew it will not be easy but you wanted to take that journey anyway because you knew it was worth it. You hide your feelings behind an emoji or a perfunctory smile when that person forgets to respond to your text, or your question, or your needs.

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You silence your voice because you have to be chill, patient, and independent. So you keep texting until the words lose all their meaning. They knew how to turn a house into a home. How many people are you talking to? Somebody that I used to know.

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Go out, get drunk, and hook up with random people to numb the pain and fill that void, keep pretending that you like it, that you are OK with it.