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The exam is closed-book. Exam results will be emailed to the candidate and Primary Contact within two weeks. Passing candidates will be issued a certificate of qualification which validates the 3DS assessor for the next 12 months. A candidate who fails the exam is permitted to register for a retake exam, upon payment of a re-test fee.

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Attendance during the course is mandatory. The Council has scheduled instructor-led classes in various locations worldwide. All training inquiries and assignments must be submitted through your company's assigned Primary Contact. In order to maintain the high standards set for this certification, all 3DS assessors must pass a requalification exam every 12 months and sign and accept the terms of the PCI SSC Code of Responsibility in order to continue as an active 3DS Assessor for their company.

The requalification course is offered in a convenient eLearning format.

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All training enrollment requests must be submitted through the company's primary contact via the PCI Portal. Registration into requalification training must be submitted and approved by the certification expiry date. A 3DS Assessor who is not registered for requalification training before midnight Eastern Time on their certification expiry date, or who does not achieve a passing score on the exam by the end of the two week grace period, will be required to re-enroll as a new candidate.

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How to Prepare Prior to the training class, you should familiarize yourself with these publications on the PCI website:. Our website uses both essential and non-essential cookies to analyze use of our products and services. This agreement applies to non-essential cookies only.

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