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This is the pinnacle of the professional Seoul sex world. You also get free beer and cigarettes at certain places. The trick is to have a Korean friend show you where a good one is. If you live or plan on coming to Seoul and want to date Korean women instead then I recommend clicking on the link.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Take a look by clicking on the link. In any case just be smart about looking for a place to go. Simply click on this link to discover where you can go NOW to have sex in Seoul. The Seoul Sex Scene Revealed!

A Korean Room Salon Addict Speaks - the3WM

Get ready for a good time! You can spot these places easily as they have two barber poles spinning next to each other. In the former you go singing with friends and hostesses! The price is also higher at the same level as the room salons. Seoul Sex — Angmas This is the pinnacle of the professional Seoul sex world. Drinks and chit chat aside, one thing was clear: There was no hesitation, let alone questioning as to why we were here: Beer, more whiskey, small talk, hand feeding, fumbling, karaoke. Our session drew to a close, but not before the special service that awaited us.

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No sooner after we left the room, each of our girls took her designated companion upstairs, into a motel-style room. At this point of intoxication I had no fear in stripping down, as did my partner.

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We showered and proceeded to the bed. But trying to make me cum served no purpose. She was sorry and tried as hard as she could. I told her politely there was no use, and left it at that. I do though feel regret that I successfully performed what was expected of me, setting a precedent for future visits.


Female colleagues wonder why we have become so chummy. South Korea is self-repressive. From office environments to pressures of marriage, being yourself in the open is frowned upon.

korea! the dirty dirtay~

This seems to be the unspoken rule in male-dominated company life which exempts them from qualms about immoral behaviour or adultery. So pervasive is the culture of money for sex that I have yet to hear of any male South Korean office worker friend that has not participated in after-work sexual gratification. Last week, before the annual Queer Parade, there was significant opposition to homosexuality, mainly based on moral grounds. One pastor argued that one of the main issues with homosexuality in South Korea is that the average gay person has 1, sexual partners and are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Either he is ignorant of what is happening in these salons, or he is turning a blind eye to the real moral dilemma facing the country.

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