College freshman girl dating high school senior boy

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Mar 2, 1. Mar 2, 2. Yeah I definitely agree; it's just such different lifestyles between Assuming they are both college students on their own. Mar 2, 3. Mar 2, 4. I find it kind of sad or creepy when college dudes or older are trolling for high school booty. Mar 2, 5. Mar 2, 6. I think this happens all the time. I was not going to toss that relationship away just because she was two years younger than me.

A Freshman Girl's Guide to College Dating

It was rocky at times, but we sort of made it work even miles away. Nope, but maybe it never was going to last forever The experiential jump form High School to College is a jump for sure , but in real terms it really isn't anything more than what is in you own head.

I always thought the guys in college who went home on the weekends to see their high school girlfriends were loser. With that said, you should know that was super cool. Nah, I dated a guy who was a senior in high school the year after I graduated. We were in the same "maturity range" as far as life experience and of course, physical appearance goes so it wasn't weird at all.

I'm not completely up to date on what a senior and stuff is, but if you're asking if it's weird that an 18 year old dates a 17 year old then fuck no. What would be weird about it?

Is it weird/creepy for an 18 year old college freshmen to date a 17 HS senior?

I don't get it. Unless you are in the US. They have an extremely weird history of lawsuits based on this stuff. Like teens who exchange nude pics with consent being charged for pedophilia and actually being found guilty when the age difference was one or two years.

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It isn't weird at all. I know several guys who are nearly 20 and are dating girls that are 17 or 18 so you're fine.

How to Get a Senior Interested in You As a Freshman: 12 Steps

If y'all were dating before you were 18, and if you're familiar with the minor's family, you're probably fine. But realize that you're basically at the mercy of their legal guardian's rules - with that small of an age difference, it's unlikely to go super bad, but hey. People get weird about age gaps not one that small , but some relationships are worth it. As long as you play by the rules, doesn't matter what anyone else says - do what feels right to you, because that's the only thing that will matter further down the road.

Just be aware of your local age of consent and the laws surrounding it because however special your relationship is it is not worth jail time. If it's as magical as you feel, it isn't going to disappear once they're legal. I distinctly remember a 17 year old having pedophilia charge on his record for exchanging nude pics with his girlfriend of It is absolutely ridiculous.

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Glad I don't live there. I don't think it's weird. If you knew each other before it's not like you went scouting for a high school girl. There's also the fact that you're 18 and shes Homie that's a year. However, it would be better for both of you if it were done on a non-exclusive basis for the next few years. Several times recently when I have invited people to parties or dinners at our home, they have surprised me by responding with not only their regrets but also with a counteroffer.

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